Sunday, February 2, 2014

857 Beacon St Bedroom Renovation

Condo had no framing in exterior walls. Plaster attached to bricks with strapping only. No insulation in walls caused bedroom to only get to 49F on cold days. Two exterior walls were reframed with 2x4s and insulated with R-15 with vapor barrier. All vapor barrier edges were taped off, all framing intersections with ceilng and floor were foam insulated and all window cavities were insulated with foam as well to prevent drafts. New window trim and baseboard was added to match existing. Two new heaters were installed and temperature now can easily achieve 72F on cold days/nights.
New framed walls with insulation
Completed walls with new window trim, baseboard trim and painting of entire room.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Lowell Mason House

HTCC participated in the volunteer effort today to clean up the exterior of the Lowell Mason house and to get it ready for winter.  Temporary red vinyl siding was added to cover the Tyvek paper. Gable end was scraped and painted red.  Weeds and grass were weed wacked. General clean around the house.

Next Saturday is another volunteer day.  Pictures to follow.

Lowell Mason Foundation FB page

Friday, July 26, 2013

Granite Front Entrance Stairs in Medfield

HTCCI recently replaced brick stairs that were falling apart with granite stairs and platform.  The old stairs were removed and new concrete base was installed.  Lead flashing was installed to prevent water migration into the sills/basement.  New custom wrought iron railings are being fabricated.

Concrete base and lead flashing

First tread and side pieces installed

Second and third treads installed

Completed stairs - waiting for custom railing fabrication to be completed

Heirloom Bassinet Refinishing

HTCCI recently refinished a heirloom infant bassinet for one of our customers who's daughter is having a baby.  We fabricated a removable base (no tools required) for easy transport and repainted entire bassinet.

Video of Grist Mill water wheel spinning

Video of a test run of the new Kingsbury Grist Mill Water Wheel recently installed.  Hurley-Testa Construction volunteered along with others to build the frame/structure.    Thanks to one of our tree companies, Tree Tech, for providing the crane and Modern Yankee Blacksmith for providing the steel brackets.  Inauguration day will be September 22, 2013 (the day after Medfield Day).
Check out the Grist Mill at for more updates.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Grist Mill Water Wheel

Medfield Home Town Weekly recent article about the new Kingsbury Grist Mill water wheel that was installed by many volunteers including Hurley-Testa Construction.


Greg Testa, Father Leroy Owens of St. Edward The Confessor in Medfield & Tim Hurley
Fr. Leroy Blessing the Wheel after installation

HTCC and the New Water Wheel at the Grist MIll

Check out the new water wheel at the Kingsbury Grist Mill.  Wheel turning during a test run.  Water will be turning it this coming Sunday.  Thanks to Hurley-Testa Construction and Tree Tech (crane) and all the volunteers who helped in making this happen.